Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Prestat Chocolate Review No. 7
Milk Sea Salt Caramel Cup
I don’t know what wacked out genius came up with the idea of adding sea salt to chocolate but he stumbled across something almost…sacred.
The tang is

These are FANTASTIC: up there with violet & rose cremes, up there,..yes even with the lime chilli.
Eating the Sea Salt Caramel Cup reminds me of the time a bit a chunk out of Rowan Williams's ankle when I tumbled off my hassock after the communion wine. Although the Archbish was bleeding quite heavily, he took it in his stride assuming it was a moment of religious ecstasy.

Prestat also do a Sea Salt Truffle, but I daren’t talk about it now, lest they think I’m reviewing it & don’t send me any.